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goldberee_live [userpic]

OK I'll do it! :)

September 23rd, 2006 (04:58 am)

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag three people.

"To Novellara, a devout Christian and a member of the clergy, the composition is a reminder that Christ is destined for the Passion. The Virgin may not pull her young son away from his symbolic animal, the lamb, and St. Anne, as the personification of the Church, must prevent the Virgin from following her maternal instincts and keeping the infant Christ from fulfilling his destiny. Alongside his very detailed description and interpretation of the cartoon, Novellara also provides information about Leonardo's unconventional way of life."

Frank Zollner, Leonardo da Vinci- The Complete Paintings

And I tag Tricia, Sammy, and Scott :) Love you!

goldberee_live [userpic]

Ok I'm here!!!!

May 22nd, 2006 (07:24 pm)

what's around me: Home sweet home
what's in my heart: grateful
what's in my head: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

So it has been a while and I apologize for that! So on May 13 I got one year sober!!!!! Yeah me!! I still find it hard to believe that so much time has gone by. It's weird.  So much has changed and at the same time it feels like so little, lifes like that I guess.  I have let Ross back in my life again and I don't know what is going to come of it but I think it is going to be ok =)  He doesn't call everytime he says he will but things still seem better than before.  I am still being cautious though because I refuse to let myself get fucked over like all the times before now!!!!!!!!  
                                                                         -love always-

goldberee_live [userpic]

Life goes on =)

April 23rd, 2006 (02:44 am)

what's around me: Home sweet home
what's in my heart: contemplative
what's in my head: Home sweet home

So I said the other night that I needed to update my journal and now here I am.  Well I guess a few things have happened recently, for instance I quit my main money making job and I haven't found another one yet =)  I don't know quite how to feel about that but I just couldn't work there anymore!  Other than that life is basically the same.  Single life is okay but to be honest I wish I were truly over my ex so that I could let in someone new that actually deserves my love and attention!!!! The movie The Girl Next Door just started, I love this movie sooooo much!  Almost as much as my new cd that a certain someone got for me, American Idiot =)  I haven't taken it out of my car stereo since I got it.  I really love music that I can connect to it kinda puts things into perspective for me.  I will close with this thought that keeps popping up in my mind- someday when I look back on my life I hope that the juice was worth the squeeze!!!!!!!!!
                                                                                            -love always-

goldberee_live [userpic]

Life goes on

January 20th, 2006 (02:39 pm)

what's in my heart: grateful
what's in my head: Obla di obla da by the Beatles

 So rejection sucks but life does go on =) My life just moves a long from day to day. Nothing to big to report, except that my birthday party was totally awesome and I love my friends bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!! The food turned out great and everybody loved it. It feels good to do something right! Josh (the guy) was there because I thought it would be okay and mostly it was, but I did feel like punching him when he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

I guess it will get better with more time and I will just have to wait and see how that goes =)

goldberee_live [userpic]


January 11th, 2006 (03:15 pm)
what's in my heart: angry, lonely, sad...
what's in my head: ?????

I am seeing red so I thought I would write in it. Well I finally asked him what was up and got totally rejected. He said,"I totally dig you...... I'm just not intrested romanticly". He said that bhe didn't mean to kiss me, well that feels like a load of crap to me and I would like to rip him apart because I feel led on, but I won't do that because I still would like to be his friend- I just don't know how much I want to see him right now. Fucking men drive ma crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love always- Goldberee

goldberee_live [userpic]

Excited but not

January 10th, 2006 (02:33 pm)

what's in my heart: mentaly and sexualy frustrated
what's in my head: Dumb by Nirvana

So this morning I got to see the guy that I like and get to see him again tonight, but I just don't know what to do with myself sometimes. I really like him a lot. The problem is that I still have the ex on my brain. Of course most of what I think of him isn't very good anymore- that is except the sex, that was fucking great! I can't believe that I haven't had sex in almost 5 months!!!!!!!! That may not seem like a lot to some people but I love sex and it is driving me a little batty not having any sexual contact at all. Anyways I am sure tonight will be fine but I also don't think I am going to get any anytime soon =) Love always- Goldberee

goldberee_live [userpic]

can't sleep, first entry

January 10th, 2006 (01:29 am)

what's in my heart: horny
what's in my head: Closer by NIN

Well here I am about to be 27 and I have no idea what to do on my b-day, considering that I would like to keep my sobriety date. I can't believe that I am already this old and not only am I not married but I don't even have a boyfriend. When I was a kid I thought I would have kids already. I don't even have a college degree, that really bugs me. Not to mention the fact that I still live at home and my mom and I fight way to much. I feel like she expects me to be perfect and know all this stuff that she never taught me!!! I don't know what to say to her about it. Last night we kind of decided that I should move out but I really don't want to do that, what I really want to do is get back in school- I don't know if I can do that if I am on my own. And this whole situation with this guy that I like is just to freaking confusing. I really wish that I could just have sex and then maybe my head would clear up!!!!!!!!!!!! At least that's what I would like to happen but it probably wouldn't anyways. That is enough out of me for now better try to get some sleep. Love always- Goldberee

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